EMFS Partners

Partner Universities

Students study for 12 months at 4 different European universities located in 4 different countries. By learning in four unique environments, students have the opportunity to gain exposure to diverse perspectives, adapting to unexpected situations while improving their intercultural communication abilities.

Agro Paris Tech Lund University University College Cork Wageningen University & Reserach

Partner Companies

In the second year of the programme, students complete a 9-month placement at one of our partner companies where they work full-time in an industrial research laboratory with world-class facilities. Throughout the programme, students meet all 9 partner companies (company visits, company presentations).

The top multi-national companies became our partners to recruit highly desirable international candidates, to engage with faculty expertise and influence development of educational programmes and to accelerate R&D projects through targeted, well-organized and longer than average internships

“To align the students’ curriculum to needs as seen by us.“ ~ Nestle

Unilever Heineken Mars Nestle
DSM Tetra Pak JDE Firmenich