History of the European Food Industry programme

History of the European Food Industry programme

The European Masters Degree Programme in Food Studies was envisioned initially in 1992 in recognition of the growing internationalization of the food industry. Receiving its first students in 1995, the programme’s purpose was to provide exceptional food technology training in an international context, and with an emphasis on the European food industry.

The programme was first established with financial support from the European Commission, but since the 2nd edition it has become a joint effort of public education institutes and private enterprises. Our partnerships with some of the largest multinational companies in the food industry give students the opportunity to gain real-world practical experience while developing a strong awareness of the cultural, social and economic realities of today’s European and global food industry.

After the 6th edition, the programme was radically re-designed and it became recognized as an accredited MSc programme. Selected students from all over the world were admitted to this new programme for the first time in 2005.

Graduates of this prestigious programme earn the Wageningen University MSc degree in Food Technology (with specialization in European Food Studies) in addition to a certificate from the Board of the Foundation European Masters Food, on behalf of all of the programme’s academic and industrial partners.