EMFS Alumni Testimonials

EMFS Alumni Testimonials

EMFS Experience

The European Master in Food Studies isn’t international just because our participants study and work in multiple countries and pursue careers in the global food industry. Our students also come from all over the world to enrol in this unique programme. Acquiring cross-cultural communication skills is important for students to thrive in multinational careers and our programme instils this foundation from the first team building exercises and continues throughout the Food Innovation project and other group work.

We are proud of the diverse perspectives and experience that each of our students bring to the programme. Read about the EMFS experience from our 2 former students!

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See what our former students have to say about what makes the European Master in Food Studies so special.

EMFS is a very inspiring programme, bringing an insight in working internationally. Moreover it gives you great personal competences and development. And most important, new friends from all over the world!

— Jorieke Slot, the Netherlands
Graduated in 2020

The most amazing part of EMFS is that it nudges you to work with people from different backgrounds and cultures and eventually grow with them. Collaboration, patience, and acknowledgement of your teammates’ strengths and weaknesses, along with your own, are important values one requires to succeed in such a global environment as the food industry, and these are my key takeaways from this journey

— Megha Dutta, India
Graduated in 2020

The Master is an experience where you are challenged over 2 years with the food industry, cultural differences, organisational skills, business acumen, and yourself!

— Gérault-Landry Eggermont, Belgium
Graduated in 2019

This Master brings you the opportunity to boost your skills, in many aspects rather than academical ones. You become more open minded, tolerant and flexible. You are able to adapt to any kind of circumstances and style of working. You learn from diversity in a multicultural environment. You loose the fear to speak in public, you gain confidence in yourself, you become more independent but at the same time you deal with working in a big Team, with different opinion and ideas. The possibility to meet partner collaborators, universities and companies allow the student to create a network, to be aware of how diverse, powerful and innovative is the food industry. This way, the student can have a closer approach to its own future and job search. The 2-years project, is a golden opportunity to put into practice your creativity! The freedom of designing a new product could be comparable to real life product development in food research, therefore it is extremely useful for a future as different food areas are assessed and studied. Definitely, a life experience that I would strongly recommend to live!

— Cristina Barallat, Spain
Graduated in 2019

Without a doubt, the link between industry and academia is the heart and great value of the EMFS. Personally speaking, the 9 months combined internship and thesis project in one of the sponsoring companies was my main motivation to pick this programme and definitely one of my favourite chapters during these 2 years. Why? Because it’s a real-world and exciting experience, where you make a project truly yours, acquire multidisciplinary and project management skills, knowledge of the food business, where you develop more scientific, research, communication and networking aptitudes and are able to really be immersed in an international team work environment in today’s global and rapidly changing food industry.

— Larissa Valerio, Mexico
Graduated in 2017

During the project, I learned to think and work in a scientific way. You are faced with an unresolved issue, then you study literature and formulate a hypothesis, and finally you then try to answer your questions through an experiment that you have smartly designed.I learnt how to coordinate my own project and have a good feel for which changes to schedule are realistic and doable, and which aren’t. Finally, I also learnt some practical things, like how science is applied in a business environment and how the results are what counts. All in all: I learnt A LOT!

— Carola Stassen, the Netherlands
Graduated in 2013

People were saying that they almost cannot recognize me from the previous one, as I am not shy any more, but become international, open-minded, feel free to talk to people from different cultures and ages and integrate myself into the surroundings very well… I am very glad that I have made the right decision to study in this program for my Master!European Master in Food Studies is really a great programme and I wish we will have more talents joining in this programme in the future.

— Jinfeng Peng, China
Graduated in 2012

I consider myself lucky to have had such an experience! You are asked to participate in diverse, international teams, to find solutions in different problems, to be flexible & adjustable to changes that happen in such an international environment. In a few words, you are asked to mature and grow up into a professional! Now, working at Procter & Gamble in Greece, I can assure you that all of the above assisted not only in my current professional life, but also in my personal evolution.

— Kalliopi Anastasopoulou, Greece
Graduated in 2003