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2-Year Programme Design

The European Master in Food Studies is a two year MSc programme, accredited by the Dutch Ministry of Education. This unique programme is designed to develop participants’ scientific, research and communication skills as they study and work throughout Europe, combining academic training from the world’s best food universities with extensive real-world industry experience.

Major programme components include:

  • Academic Modules: Lectures, practicals, study periods, seminars, industry visits, language training and communication and social activities taught at four different European universities during the first year of the programme
  • Thesis Project: Conducted in an industrial research laboratory at one of the programme’s partners during nine months of the second year
  • Team Project: Major integrated assignment, developed by students over the entire course of the programme

First Year

September-December at Wageningen University

Before starting the first academic year, incoming students begin the programme with one week of intensive team building and communications training at Wageningen to better understand organisational behaviour and become oriented with the programme’s participants and resources. This mandatory training is exclusively designed for the EMFS programme.

At Wageningen, students will begin the ongoing Team Project, have the opportunity to join excursions to food companies, and complete courses in Food Structure and Behaviour:

  • Food and Ingredient Functionality
  • Food Structuring
  • Food Flavours
  • Advanced Food Physics

January-February at University College Cork in Ireland

Consumer Studies and Management:

  • Sensory Analysis, Flavour and Colour
  • Consumer Behaviour in Food Markets
  • Advanced Food Business Management
  • Food Retail Marketing and Supply Chain Management

March-April at AgroParisTech in France

Food Technology:

  • Food and Bioprocess Control
  • Food Process Design and Modelling
  • Food Processing and Packaging
  • Food Safety and Hygienic Design

May-June at Lund University in Sweden

Product Development and Innovation:

  • Integrated Food Project

Second Year

The second year of the programme begins with the nine-month Thesis Project, working on applied research with one of our partnering multinational food companies.

The programme concludes with two short courses on Special Topics at Wageningen University. The specific content is determined each year by the programme partners, aiming to bring insight into a current issue in the context of its importance to the overall food industry.

On graduation day at the end of the programme, each Team Project will present their results to a large audience.