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Careers in the Food Industry

The food industry is one of the largest and most diverse industries in the world, encompassing the complex network that links farms to consumers and all of the supporting products and services in between. The sector is growing at a staggering rate, influenced by changing lifestyles, eating trends and emerging markets. As global food production expands exponentially, increasing competition and limited resources mean that now, more than ever, innovation must be the bridge between current challenges and sustainable opportunities in the longer term.


Innovative, Diverse, Growing Opportunities

There are an abundance of diverse opportunities in the food industry to satisfy any interest, from production and tech support to marketing and regulation. Here are just a few options for food technology grads to consider:

  • Product Development: Creating new food products or improving the quality and performance of existing offerings
  • Research and Development: Investigating food components or processes by applying scientific principles
  • Processing or Preservation Specialists: Improving food systems and applications for added efficiency or quality
  • Management: Coordinating the interconnected processes to oversee development, operations and business organization
  • Distribution: Focusing on global market systems including logistics, supply chains, import/export and shipping
  • Academic Research: Some graduates choose to continue their studies with a PhD, focusing on academic research related to the food industry

European Master graduates typically find employment in the food industry – almost 50% in R&D positions. Quality Assurance, PhD studies and Management positions each account for approximately 10% of the positions taken by graduates.

As far as we have been able to track the European Master alumni careers, it is estimated that at least 60% were hired by one of the sponsoring companies in the programme.


Our First Edition of the European Master Programme – Where are they now?


  • ANTONIO MIGUEL FREITAS, Portugal: VP Health at Dannon in the US
  • BRITT MAESTRONI, Italy: Technical officer (food science) at Joint FAO/IAEA Programme
  • CATALIN MORARU, Romania: Group Leader at International Food Network (IFN)
  • CHRISTIAN JUNG, Germany: Global Engineering Manager – Cross Category Packaging at Mondelēz International
  • ERIC VIGNAUD, France: Factory Manager at Nestlé France
  • FABIEN GUILMINEAU, France: R&D Green Coffee Specialist at JACOBS DOUWE EGBERTS
  • JEAN-BAPTISTE RUBENS, Belgium: Global R&D Packaging Leader Strategic Margin Management at Mondelēz International
  • KARIN FARINDER, Sweden: Näringslivsstrateg at Region Gotland
  • KONRAD KORCZAK, Poland: R&D Senior Manager – Traditional Products at Danone Russia
  • LIAM MURPHY, Ireland: Quality Systems Manager Jacobs Douwe Egberts
  • MARK RÄDERER, Germany: Dept Head – Coffee Nestlé
  • ROLANDAS JACKEVICIUS, Lithuania: General Manager at UAB KB Components
  • SARA MEDINA, Portugal: Member of the Board at SPI and SPI Ventures
  • SHAOHONG MA, P.R. China: Global Category Procurement Manager – Foods at Unilever
  • SIGURGEIR HOSKULDSSON, Iceland: Product Development Manager at Norðlenska
  • TIMOTHY TIGHT, United Kingdom: Feature Architect at ING
  • VAIOS ROUMELIS, Greece: passed away