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Partner Companies in the Food Industry

Our partnerships with some of the largest and most important multinational companies in the food industry provide healthy mutual benefits for both students and our sponsors. In the second year of the programme, students complete a nine-month placement at one of our partner companies where they work full-time in an industrial research laboratory on an applied research project.

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Collaboration with our industry partners provides students with first-hand experience working in world-class facilities with a successful company, learning from leaders of various fields with unique cultural perspectives. Throughout the programme, students will visit the sites of several of our partner companies and attend presentations from company representatives.

Partner Companies

Heineken Visit, October 2015


Benefits for our Industrial Partners

In more than 20 years of the European Master in Food Studies, the programme has consistently delivered exemplary graduates who have become leaders in the global food industry. Our industry sponsors appreciate elevating their visibility and recruiting opportunities while developing collaborative research projects.

Here are some additional benefits for participating companies:

  • Opportunity to recruit highly desirable international prospects
  • Engage with faculty expertise and influence development of educational programmes
  • Accelerate R&D projects through targeted, well organized and longer than average internships

Learn why some leading multinationals became partners:

  • To align the students’ curriculum to needs as seen by us.

                ~ Nestle

  • To combine learning at university with practical experience in a global organization. This is the best preparation for students.”

                ~ Mondelez (formerly Kraftfoods)


Learn more about our participating companies

Mondelez International
Tetra Pak