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Meet the European Master Alumni

Video taken at the occasion of the 20 years celebration of the European Master in Food Studies programme, Paris 20 October 2012.

Alumni testimonials

Find below testimonials from students from previous editions. They tell about their experiences with the European Master in Food Studies.

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Ayca Akat

Nationality: Turkish
Graduation year: 2001 (3rd Edition)
For me, taking part in the European Masters degree was more of a travel story rather than a Masters degree! Studying in seven countries, together with eleven other students, meeting new faces and challenges along the way was both fun and difficult. But I won’t tell about the fun parts just here as it would take too long … I keep these memories for another time!

This experience certainly gave me more understanding for every kind of people, as well as a chance to meet important companies to work for. Even more importantly, it gave me competencies that suit every department in a company. Talking about myself, I begun to work for Nestlé through the internship period, spent 6 months in Nestlé product development centre, then I worked for the application group and after two years I went on to Supply chain, purchasing. Many years passed, and projects and changes brought me to sales, and currently I am the key account manager for Tesco, a major retailer in the UK.

The European Masters degree prepares you for professional life not only through the acquisition of knowledge but also by preparing you for changes and challenges. Throughout the program, you have to be flexible and ready for the unexpected. This forces you to be innovative and self confident.

It’s not just an ordinary Masters degree. It is a story that you live in...

Ayca Akat