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Find below experiences from students in current editions. They tell about their experiences in the different universities.

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12th edition - Cork

Ireland what could you expect?

The Guinness to taste better, some may disagree but when you wait at the bar, watch the care that goes into pouring that pint, then sip it in a full pub engulfed by music and Irish banter does taste better!

Expect to be spoilt for choice for live music and pubs. I swear the number of pubs would easily out number supermarkets and accommodation in most places. Definitely try see a band called Na Fianna, they’re some awesome Irish lads who sing all the classic Irish Ballads.

University expect to have seemingly not so much class but to be constantly kept busy with numerous team projects and plenty of presentations. You’ll have the board meeting which has a huge build up, it might bring about some stress or nerves but generally it goes smoothly and you suddenly feel very grown up mingling with some important people from the industry. The lecturer’s were really lovely, welcoming and good at teaching with some interactive learning and plenty of practical examples. Retail management had a task about arrangement of shelving and categories at point of sale…it is fun to see where cultural upbringing influences how people perceive certain things, some discovered completely new products which would be fairly staple in Ireland and finding out tuna could be a breakfast product for some but certainly not in Ireland. The university time is what you make of it, the university has some great facilities free gym, nice library …Starbucks and a pub. 

No rain, no rainbows- expect some rain (or a lot of rain) but on the upside to see plenty of rainbows. Also expect cheap umbrellas to be not of much use in Ireland, rain and wind seemed to always come together, often getting some of the four seasons within one day- best pack a waterproof jacket.

Expect never to be lost, for long. If you’re not just wandering aimlessly as in you have somewhere in mind you might like to go, you don’t need a map in Ireland. Maybe there’s something about me that directional confusion is as transparent as glass, but in Ireland you might discover a person will just walk up to you in the street and ask if you’re looking for something or can they help out- brilliant! If you’re not so transparent you simply just ask anyone Irish they’ll not only attempt to give you detailed instructions, they may even walk you where you need to go and give you a tour along the way.

Expect to be thanked a million, or hear something is grand, brilliant, excellent or lovely all within a couple of sentences.

Expect to be occasionally confused by the Irish accent, but also expect for this confusion to lead to a lot of laughter. A classic example is what class members seem to hear when an Irish person says any word beginning with a th. As a native English speaker I was asked by a classmate, is the word turkey used as a phrase, saying something is turkey? Ummm no don’t think so, what do you mean? Well Seamus the business lecturer said Irelands turkey billion deficit ...I never would have imagined to find a thirty billion deficit so funny.

Expect the roads to be a tad rough but to see plenty of sheep, green pasture and to lead to something breathtaking.

Expect to need to watch your step in Cork otherwise you might step in dog poo but also expect to be a tad mystified as you hardly ever see any dogs. 

To see a row of houses or buildings perhaps all the same shape but never the same colour side by side.

Expect to captivated by the madness which are Gaelic sports- hurling particularly, it’s a combination of rugby, baseball, lacrosse, hockey, soccer and an egg and spoon race…completely mental and full of nonstop action, a must see. 

Finally expect something unexpected if it is a simple as the Irish weather or something funny like the well spoken blue eyed tutor James actually being the lead singer of a death metal band. Ireland doesn’t fail to create something unexpected. Ireland it’s colourful, musical, embracing and brilliant! Loved it!

Katie Gollan