An international and industry oriented MSc programme in Food Science and Technology

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The European Master in Food Studies

  • A two-year accredited MSc programme in Food Science and Technology
  • Studied by a select group of international students
  • Organised by four top universities in Europe
  • Sponsored by eleven multinational food companies
    The purpose of the programme is to provide academic training in an international context, with a strong emphasis on the European Food Industry.

    The European Master in Food Studies aims to increase the scientific, research and personal skills of the participants, and to enhance their awareness of the international dimensions of the global food industry. Students will graduate with a good awareness of the technological, social, economical and political developments in Europe's most important industrial sector.


  • Bridge between university and industry
  • Studying in at least 4 countries
  • A two year, accredited MSc programme
  • All teaching in English

  • Applications
    Intake for September 2015 is closed. The next edition starts September 2016. Check the applications page for the steps to be taken. For more information

    European Master Team Project

    A unique learning experience. This year’s graduation titles: Jellyfish and MajesTea. Watch the summarised presentations.”

    MajesTea Download here (PDF 628kB, opens in new window)     Jellyfish Download here (PDF 801kB, opens in new window)

    Flyer of the programme Download here (PDF 162kB, opens in new window)
    PowerPoint presentation with more information Download here (PDF 478kB, opens in new window)

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